Top 10 Career Tips for Young Professionals – Part 2

In my previous post I started to discuss a few principles I have followed as a young professional and throughout my career.  Here are the remaining 5 principles that have guided me through my career.

 6 ) Act responsibly
You always get back what you have given. Be mindful of others, respect different perspectives, think of the consequences of your doings on other people’s lives and families. Act and be responsible.

7 ) Be positive
Always think positively and never take no as an answer. Be happy, smile and laugh a lot. Nobody wants to deal with a grim person.

8 ) Build on your foundation
I am a firm believer that family and friends are the basis of everything in life. They are your foundation. Never neglect your family or friends because of work. Keep it balanced. I am the happiest person on earth for having a wonderful wife who has supported and helped me along the way and who has made sure I never lose sight of reality and what is important. She is the True North in my life. Without her I would not be here today.

9 ) Learn languages
Learning other languages is extremely gratifying and useful. It gives you the capability to communicate with other people in their language and to demonstrate that you are really interested in them, their country, culture and lifestyle. And it enriches your personality because when you speak another language you also start thinking and behaving differently.  You adopt other habits and you balance your own perspective and life style with those of others.  It almost doesn’t matter what languages you learn, although it makes sense to focus on those more widely spoken. And if you have kids, make sure they learn another language as early as possible, even before going to kinder garden.

10 ) Travel and live abroad
The point on languages and this one are related.  Look for opportunities to travel as early and as much as you can outside of your home country. And try to get a job abroad. It almost doesn’t matter where but you will find yourself becoming a different person, more balanced and mature and with a broader perspective of business and life. It is probably the most impactful and fascinating experience you can make, both from a personal and professional perspective.

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  • Charlie Maliska says:

    Great series Marcus. As a young professional, it is great to hear your advice and view on this. Your thoughts are concise, direct and to the point, and put a framework around developing a career, not just a job. Thank you.

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