What Do Marketers Really Do?

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I came across this funny blog post and realized that this isn’t unique to Marketing. Take a look at the different perceptions people have about different jobs, HERE.

So what do Marketing people really do?

When I started in the profession this was quickly explained; Kotler’s 4 Ps, that was it, simple and straight forward.  Even my grandma could kind of understand what my daily routine was and what I did in the office.  But now it is a way more multi-faceted story.  It is much more complicated and more diverse by a factor of 10 compared to my early days, at least. And the complexity is increasing.

In the past, what used to be the “Art of Marketing” (back in those days we probably really wasted half of our budgets) has become the “Science of Marketing.”  Marketing now is predictable, accountable, provides ROI and has a direct impact on the top and bottom line of the business.  Marketing now is an insight driven organization that provides customers and prospects with the information they want in order to make their purchase decisions easier. I believe most importantly, marketing helps a company make the right decisions for the future so that resources get invested in a way that provides the highest ROI.

I recently read that being in marketing is the best preparation to becoming a CEO.  I agree, because marketing spans the entire value chain of a company. From shareholders, employees, customers, prospects and even beyond to the ecosystems, influencers, analysts and media. Few other professions have such a span, really only the CEO if you think about it.

So my fellow marketers; can you bring the value of a CEO to your company?


  • Sian Smith says:

    all very true Marcus! Thanks for sharing. I will now share with my family, friends, colleagues and especially with my mum (mom) for whom a light will go on, there will be an understanding nod whilst whispering “ah, now I get it” – but which picture will she be looking at !?!

  • Marcus-
    Wonderfully said. A lot of people in my company have no idea what I do in marketing. But like you say, there are so many hats that marketers wear and others are surprised to find out what we really do.

    That’s an interesting point about CEO, but I can definitely see the connection. Also, marketing best practices do change super fast; especially digital marketing fads and sometimes it’s hard to decider what will really bring value to the company versus what’s the latest cool and trendy marketing tactic.

    Great post, I really enjoy your insights!

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