Artisan Marketing, Part 2: The Artisan’s Focus on Quality

In my first blog post on How Artisans Can Teach Us to Become Better Marketers. I talked about living in countries that had a strong artisan culture in their economy. What fascinated me was that these small shops seemed unaffected by larger, more modern businesses and stores.

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As a marketer, I am always eager to learn about the strategies smaller businesses use when faced with larger, more formidable competitors. I believe the reason these craftsmen and artisan businesses succeed is due in large part to their relentless focus on quality.  It is a simple lesson we can apply in our own marketing organizations, regardless of the industry, the size of the organization…or even the size of the marketing budget.

Artisans Take Pride in Their Work

Artisans use their hands, minds and hearts to create their “art.” Marketers are also “artists.” Creativity is in our blood.

Whenever I would go into an artisan’s shop, whether they were a bread maker or a furniture maker, the quality was always unmatched. Like an artisan baker would absolutely refuse to sell day-old bread, we need to always take pride in every aspect of our marketing.

Whenever you are working on a project or a campaign, step back and ask yourself a simple question: is this our best effort?

Quality matters in every business, and marketing is no exception. Anything less than your best effort could be the difference whether a customer selects your product/service or chooses your competitor.

Artisans Strive for Continuous Improvement

The artisan vineyards in Italy never produced identical vintages year after year. The same applies in other types of artisan businesses, whether it’s jewelry, furniture, clothing or sculpture.

The artisan views each new customer as an opportunity to improve their craft and produce an even better product for their customer. While the core of what they produce remains relatively unchanged, each new generation of artisans uses new tools and techniques to improve the product they create.

The artisan marketer never falls into the routine of churning out the same campaigns or producing the same events. While marketers usually have incredible demands and deadlines to meet, we need to avoid the temptation to take a “copy and paste” approach to our marketing. Every campaign, promotion, event or tactic is a new opportunity to refine and enhance our work.

At SAP where I work, we make great use of analytics and other tools to measure the impact, results and even the efficiency of our marketing. For a modern-day marketer, analytics are essential to make smarter marketing decisions. Utilizing tools to analyze marketing performance can enable marketers to make adjustments, take corrective measures faster and re-deploy resources to things that are successful and working.

I’ve been in artisan shops and In my next blog post, I will discuss how a “small shop” artisan’s approach to customers can apply to modern-day marketing, even those organizations where “scale” is necessary.

What are some ways and ideas marketers can take quality to the next level?

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