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Dear Reader,

It’s the end of the year and my blog has undergone a major overhaul. Not only does it sport a new look, but it can also be viewed on all types of mobile devices. The title clearly focuses on key topics for the future: How can enterprises transform into a customer-focused organization – and why marketing must take the leading role in this transformation.

The need for change in the network economy is on the rise, continuously. People, enterprises and machines are connected via the Internet – worldwide, all the time. The customer’s role has never been more powerful, and never before have rules changed so quickly. Entrepreneurs around the globe develop new business models that revolutionize whole industries and tackle established market leaders. Companies aiming to survive need to enhance their customer focus – rapidly and radically, in all processes and areas.

Marketing – already market- and customer-focused – is best equipped to fill these requirements. However, are marketing leaders actually willing to realign the business strategy in the connected age?

Let’s find out together. I look forward to an inspiring dialogue with you – now also possible in my native language, German.

Merry christmas and welcome to Marketing-in-the-Lead.com!


Marcus Starke

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